Sunday, 6 September 2009

Raise Your Glass to the Labor Movement!

Did the usual Tunnel-Grizzly Peak route yesterday and this morning. With my parents in town for the weekend, there's not a lot of time for riding.

Saturday saw lots of fog - perfect arm warmers weather. I pushed it on the hills, stopping a couple of times to take some pics. Then, returned home to pancakes, a strawberry-banana smoothie, sausage, and coffee. The best.

This morning was sunny from the get go (picture is from yesterday). I took it easy, though had a super fun 50+ mph descent on South Park. On the bike, I listened to Dream Signals in Full Circles by Tristeza, a San Diego group. It's as mellow as the album title and the band name ("Sadness" en espanish) suggests. Perfect for recovery rides, trying to show your college girlfriend how sensitive you are, and cinematically staring out the window when she breaks up with you for listening to such sad sack music. Fried potatoes, salad, Filipino sardines, and watermelon when I got back. Thanks, Moms!

My farmer tan is fierce.

I accomplished a big chunk of the long-delayed Mancave chores this evening, with some manual assistance from my parents and technical advice from the Home Depot. Finally got those backpacks off the floor and up onto the peg board. I'd still like a proper work bench, but this works for now. Notice the many shoe boxes J-Lou has hoarded over the years getting put to good use. I still need to sort out a music solution, install a shelf for the snowboard, and finish overhauling and hanging up J-Lou's road bike.

Tomorrow, I'll do Redwood-Pinehurst with JK. Haven't ridden with her in a while, but that will make four days in a row for me. I've been feeling pretty fit with all the miles, which, in my experience, is usually when my connective tissue starts to protest. Regular stretching and use of The Stick has been keeping things together thus far, knock on wood.

God, I love long weekends.

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