Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Give My Regards to Summer

Over the last few evenings, I've noticed it getting dark well before 8 pm. I'm trying to squeeze the last few after-work rides out of the year before being banished to the spin bike and darktime rides.

And with the shorter days, thoughts turn to bike lights. The Planet Bike Superflash has got my back, but over the last couple of winters, I've been less keen on ye ol' Turbocat. It was (and is) a lot of light for the buck, and more than enough for rides home on the flats. But I definitely felt sketched out on Grizzly Peak descents, more harrowing now given the state of the road up there. The need for an overnight charge, the weight of the pack, limited burn time, and the lack of any battery life indicator has also worn on me. Plus, LED technology has really made serious leaps and bounds in recent years. So...I'm considering an upgrade this winter. I try to get at least one night-time long-way-home ride a week, so a good light is nice.


No ride tonight. Another night meeting in the South Bay. Fortunately, I had The Places In Between to keep me company on the drive. I like it so much that I may actually get another audiobook when this one is done.

Tomorrow, though, I'll take the long way home.

By the way, Andrew and Andrew - your Craigslist flakiness kills me. I'm reposting the Atlantis for sale.

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