Sunday, 6 September 2009

For My Listening Pleasure

Most of my rides have been solo for the last few weeks, leaving me plenty of time to listen to podcasts and music.

Favorite podcasts for the bike, in descending order:

1. The BS Report - Bill Simmons's blend of pop culture commentary, meat head humor, everyman voice, and keen sports analysis have made him the most successful sports writer in America today. No bikes, but very funny. Gets a range of guests from Jerry West to his (increasingly famous) college buddy Jack-O, a die hard Yankee fan and foil to Simmons's Boston homer-ism.

2. Two Johns Podcast - They've lost some of the luster from the early days, and John G, in particular, sounds a little tired of the gig. But their camaraderie and love of bike racing comes through nicely. I particularly appreciate John G.'s anal-retentive and style-nazi approach ("detail oriented") to road biking. Apparently, the cycling fashionistas dictate one MUST wear one's glasses arms outside the helmet straps. God knows why. They viciously skewer Discovery-kit wearing, Serotta-riding dentists and all things fred-ly. Production value is, um, limited, but charming in a homegrown way.

3. The VeloCast - A better-produced, somewhat geekier version of the Two Johns, but with excellent Scottish accents. Commentary on bike commuting, racing, tech, news stories, etc.

4. Sound Opinions - A sure sign of aging is that I rely on NPR to tell me about cool new music.

5. This American Life - Ira Glass fires me up.

6. The Cadence Revolution - Serving up mindless workout music at just the right tempo for hard efforts. If zombies did aerobics, this is what they would listen to.

I also check out The Moth, The Score, and The Spokesmen occasionally. Other suggestions?

For music, I've made a huge playlist and just hit "shuffle." A sample:

Song Artist
6' 1" Liz Phair
93 'Til Infinity Souls of Mischief
A Day In The Life Handsome Boy Modeling School
A Little Respect Erasure
Any Way You Want It Journey
Baby When I Saw You Kylie Minogue
Back 4 You Jurassic 5
Blue Monday New Order
Brilliant Disguise Bruce Springsteen
Classifieds Bob Mould
Call It Love Poco
Callin' Out Remix Lyrics Born Feat. E-40 & Casual
Chains Of Love Erasure
Champion Kanye West
Chief Rocka Lords of the Underground
Crazy Gnarls Barkley
Debaser Pixies
Don't Stop Girl Talk

The ride today was largely uneventful. JK and I bumped into Sanj and Rubes, a couple of ex- Ultimate folks on Tunnel. Great descent down Centennial - 45 mph. Stopped at La Farine for a pastry afterwards. Korean tofu soup for dinner with J-Lou. I think they dumbed it down for us; it wasn't as spicy as usual.

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