Monday, 21 December 2009

Ghost of Christmas Future

A chilling glimpse into the future this weekend. Dave and Liz, two friends with a 16-month old girl, stayed with us on Friday and Saturday nights. I was woken at 4:45am one morning (explosive baby diarrhea), 6:30am the other (just the regular early wake-up call).

I did no riding, but did win $10 from Dave in a ping pong match, cooked all the fresh food in the fridge, and installed a wireless audio system, which is super cool. Now I can move the half-busted iPod dock into the Mancave.

For his part, Dave was similarly productive, and spent 30 minutes assembling the paper elf cutout from the SF Chronicle Datebook section. His daughter crushed it in 3 seconds. RIP, little big head paper elf. We hardly knew you.

Also, we tried out one of the East Bay's schmancy new coffee spots. Local 123 in Berkeley. Nice, but I was a little too bleary at the time to appreciate it. I had a macchiato and a chocolate People's Donut. Thumbs up, coffee, thumbs down vegan donut.

Tomorrow I fly up to Whistler for a family holiday, trading one kind of riding for the other (I know, I know - life is tough). But I'll bring my shoes and shorts to spin in the gym on off days.

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