Monday, 30 November 2009

Thanks for Old Friends

On Valentine's Day, 8th grade, I sent a girl roses with the lyrics to "I Got My Mind Set on You" by Ringo Starr on the card. Yes, I was a dork. No, I did not get the girl. Why do I bring this up? Wendy played the song at spin today. Sob!

Speaking of back in the day, for the last 15 years, three high school buddies and I - all with our families overseas - have gotten together every Thanksgiving. The early days were more hungover than holiday, and our dinners were, um, gross. "So that's where the giblets were!"

We've since slowed down, thank god. No more drunken 3am trips for Korean soup, no more passing out on the floor with a barbell plate as a pillow, and no more cross-state drives for Legs and Eggs.

Yeah, things change. This year, John had dinner at his sister's in Burlingame. K-Dawg is (justifiably) hassling Steve about abandoning her in Seattle on Thanksgiving, since she works on Friday. Eric has moved to Hong Kong. We're all married, and two of us have kids. I don't know how much longer we'll be able to keep the tradition alive. But for now I'm thankful for one more year with the guys.

La Roleurette and I hosted Thanksgiving at our place, and had some friends over. Steve had gotten some sort of stomach bug, so spent the night curled up in a ball upstairs. At the time, we thought he was still hungover from drinking the night before (we were home by the responsible hour of 1:30am), but he never improved over the weekend. Too bad! He missed a great dinner. We had the usual turkey, mashies, gravy, and stuffing. But it was the honey cornbread, homemade mac and cheese, corn-edamame salad, and cranberry-persimmon relish - all brought by our guests - that really took it over the top. I continue to plug away at the leftovers.

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